6 Styling Tools Every Natural Should Have

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By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom


1. Good quality metal rat-tail comb

I emphasise on the good quality part because if you do not get a well manufactured, properly tapered end, you can end up with a comb that rips your hair. A metal rat tail comb in my experience works better and is more gentle than a plastic rat tail comb. This particular comb costs about $5 which is on the expensive side as far as combs are concerned but it is very well made. I would expect to replace it after about 3-5 years of regular use.


2. Handheld mirror and hair shears

Natural hair is generally bulky and it is difficult to see the back of your head when styling especially as hair gets longer. A handheld mirror will save you a lot of neck twisting. Hair shears are available widely and if your hair, like mine sometimes forms knots that cannot be undone by fingers, it is well worth having a pair to hand to make a clean cut. In my view professional hair shears can be very expensive  ($100-$500) and are intended for regular daily use in a salon. For at home hair care, you do not need professional shears, any standard pair of hair scissors (from $10-$50) will work (do buy hair scissors as the blade is sharpened for hair cutting).


3. Know the difference – open and closed bobby pins

For updos and buns you need bobby pins. The standard bobby pins that we know are closed pins which you have to then pry open to use. If you have a lot of hair or if your hair is partly/fully shrunk, you may want open bobby pins instead. These do not have as strong a hold but you can cross one over the other for greater hold. Make sure that the ends of your pins are sealed to ensure your hair is not damaged. Also do know that there are large and small bobby pins, having a selection of both allows you to work easily when styling. These are very cheap, often around $1 for a large pack.


4. Hair bands

This is a basic in the arsenal of most naturals. You need more hair bands than you can count.  If you know that you have 10 then you have too few. Hair bands are useful for holding hair in sections, preventing twists/braids from unravelling while washing hair  and can also be used to gently stretch hair via banding.  Try to find seam free bands as they will not snag on hair. These hair bands cost $2 for 10 so buying a few packets is worth it.


5. Hair sticks vs hair claws

I used to use large hair claws but after breaking quite a few, I realised my hair is more than the claw can handle. I switched to hair sticks and in this picture is my all time favourite which cost $20. However, I have had it for 10 years and I can say that for natural hair, hair sticks are definitely worth an investment as they can hold a lot hair and do not break easily.


6. Hair flowers

These are an essential for days when there is no time to style hair or when a style is getting a little tired . Hair flowers add a touch of femininity and give polish to a simple style like braids in a low bun. If you do not like hair flowers, then scarves and decorative clips can equally do the same work. Non hair accessories like earrings and other jewellery are also an option.

Ladies, what are your must have styling tools?



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  1. Reader

    August 2, 2012 at 12:19 am

    For tightly coiled hair – you NEED an Afro Pick – other combs/brushes make my natural hair fall out.

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