Tia Norfleet is Doing Her Thing at Nascar

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NASCAR isn’t a sport that you would typically think African-Americans would compete it in, but slowly but surely more are getting interested in the sports. The NASCAR diversity program is giving a lot of opportunities to not just African-Americans, but minorities in general to learn and compete in the sport. Women are even more of a rarity, so an African-American woman driver is like finding a four leaf clover, but we have found one in Tia Norfleet. Tia Norfleet is breaking new ground as she is the only African-American female in NASCAR. Let’s celebrate that fact in the only way we know how.

Black Sports Online reports on Norfleet and her accomplishment in the sport. She would help her father work on cars and notes his courage in making his way through the industry. Her father is Bobby Norfleet, a driver who debuted in 2000 at the Portland Inter-national Raceway road course. Of course, there will be comparisons between Norfleet and Danica Patrick. You only need to see the entire video to know that Norfleet would take umbrage to such a comparison. She is her own woman trying to make a unique impact on the sport she loves.


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