Teacher Tells Little Girl to “Sit Her Nappy-Headed Self Down”

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A 13-year old girl was allegedly told to “sit her nappy-headed self down” by a teacher at the Century Academy for Excellence in Inglewood, California.   The teacher, Kelly Dempsey made the remarks in front of the entire class, and the little girl was humiliated.

“When the kids started laughing, it brought back the memories of when I was in 4th grade and kids used to laugh at me and tease me,” Persley said to KTLA.

Dempsey is a white woman, and there is no explanation for why the teacher made the remarks.

The little girl’s mother, Shronda Williams, alleges that the remarks were racially-insensitive. Principal Giselle Edman, who is African-American, blames Persley, stating that “Bad things need to happen to mean kids.”

Persley was expelled from the school in a letter which cited her mother’s decision to yell at the principal for the way her child was treated.  This was allegedly the reason she was kicked out of school.

The Century Academy for Excellence is a charter school.  There are 300 students at the school, 92.5 percent of them black.