Mother Leaves Kids in Car Wreck, Found Naked Eating Ice Cream Nearby

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Houston was shook up on Friday, June 15th 2012 when a car collided with a Metro bus in front of a CVS store near South Post Oak and Orem.

The wreck wasn’t the main concern however; it was how 34-year-old Stephanie Dillard reacted after the wreck.  When she struck the bus, her three children were in the car with her.  Normally someone would expect her, as a mother, to get out of the car and check on them, at least try and get them out of the car so they were out of harm’s way.  Instead, she exited the car, leaving her three children ages 5, 12 and 16 in the car, walked over the CVS store and started randomly stripping until she was completely naked.  When police arrived, they found her still naked and eating ice cream.

Police arrived on the scene and Dillard put up a fight as the authorities tried to arrest her.

The children were checked over by ambulance personnel but only suffered minor injuries, the worse being a gash over the 5-year-old’s one eye.  They were still shaken up when they were handed over to their grandmother.

Dillard has been charged for endangering her children and is currently being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at $2,000.  As to what caused her bizarre behavior is still unknown but authorities will be investigating whether it was caused by the crash or possible drug use.

Besides this incident, Dillard has a past criminal record that includes a 2009 robbery charge.