Latrice Pace: Lost 100 Pounds After Heartache and Offers Tips for Healthy Living

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Obesity has become one of the most common problems in this day in age, an issue for which everyone is constantly searching for a solution.  Whether they feel they need to lose just a few pounds or a few hundred, the answer is never an easy one, diet and exercise.  Unfortunately it can take years to achieve the goal weight and many find they don’t want to wait that long or it’s just too hard and give up the battle.  Latrice Pace was one of those people.

Married for seven years, Pace never expected that her husband wouldn’t come home one day.  She was left alone and wondered why her husband would leave her; what was it that he didn’t like?  That’s when she started to realize what she didn’t like about herself….her weight.  While suffering depression from her husband’s abandonment, she would eat uncontrollably and didn’t think twice about it.  After her father passed, and then her brother shortly thereafter, she realized that enough was enough.  If she wanted to change, she needed to do it herself, and so she did.

Diet and exercise to Pace became a challenge, a challenge she needed to overcome.  She learned to control her portions of food so as not to over eat and when she ran, she just didn’t run down the street, she ran a marathon.  To help keep her motivated, she kept herself educated about everything healthy, and after committing herself to healthy living, she has lost nearly 100 pounds.

“My transformation fueled a passion to inspire others through song,” Pace stated.  “I recorded and released a fitness song called “Be The Change” to motivate people to get up and move.”

Pace is still committed to her life style and continues to encourage others to commit to theirs.