Health Alert: More Black Women are Dying from HPV

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The Human Papillomavirus is both common and deadly, especially within the African American community.  A new study shows that the disease is affecting more women over time, and that the consequences can cost them their lives.  Research is showing that the disease is becoming more deadly for black women because it affects them more often and stays in their systems longer.  Wearing condoms and being selective about sex partners might be the key to protecting yourself from the disease.  Also, vaccinations are being recommended for young women to protect them from the consequences of the virus later in life.

According to new research black women have more trouble than white women in clearing the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer. Black women are two times more likely to die from this cancer. It turns out that genetics, not the accessibility of screening and follow-up health care options, is the reason why black women are 40 percent more likely to develop cervical cancer.




    June 28, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I am not surprise. I was against the drug because I saw a black woman who said it injured her daughter. Now that they say guys can get it I want to give my son the drug so he doesn’t get cancer. I am concern about the affects of the drug.

  2. Fayiza

    June 29, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Just wondering?! Where did this explosion of HPV arise from so suddenly? I’d be willing to bet that the women getting HPV have had the vaccine, particularly the younger women b/c they r more likely to have taken Gardisil.

  3. knowledge

    August 21, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    it is amazing how all these diseases are exploding in the black community. I
    however i am not surprised 1. because of all the pomiscurity going on. 2. speaking from my life experienc experiences as a woman with the exception of a few responsible men sex is always on the agends before anything else most blackmen are sex oriented
    they sre not interested in anything serious i met several men and many other blackwoman have talked aboabout how we can just meet them and they ask us to.go down on them. disgusting. it turns me totsllu off it is not only nasty but disrectful and when i exp lain my position on it they dont care. now men have also told me how some blackwomen dont mind and want the same. while most races are lookn for relationships and assets all most blackmen want to fucc spreading nasty diseases germs. i see women bbeing sexed on the dance floor and how the dance like those women in those ignorant rap videos no self rerespect just dont give a dam. if thats not enough i am shocked about all the so called down low and lesbians we dont talk about that sickness if one dont have to be a rocket scientist to see where
    most men dont want to use protection not that it protct one from everything i here the same for some
    women. then we wonder why our kids are following same nasty ways a lot of blackwomen dress with boobs pratically out no shame in thier game. now young girls whose breast are larger are dressing
    unbecomimg of a lady. now we have an epidemic in both 1 & 2 parent household rebellious disrectful kidd both who dont want to follow rules or are not being trained. they are being trained by the likes of igignorant rappers and other negative elements. our race is dooming ourselves to hell. mxny dont give a damn. young blackmen only see gang bangers rappers sports drug runners jail death and jail i blame us we dropped the ball waiting and depending on someone else we better call out the downlows who are doing women and men sick we condone all this mess no more excuses.

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