Guess What? You’re Not Dieting Right

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A man serving salad at the dinner tableAt the sight or sound of the word “diet,” eyes roll and sighs are let out. You prepare to say goodbye to all the foods you love as you stock up on celery sticks and cottage cheese. But while people who consider themselves “on a diet” are often trying to shed pounds, the actual word diet really isn’t about weight loss at all.

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A diet is your typical way of eating, not just for a few days, weeks or months, but for a much longer period of time. If you cringe at the thought of dieting, don’t. Making healthy changes to your diet shouldn’t be about deprivation. Instead, focus on improving your current diet to become the healthiest person you can be in the long-term.

Where to Start

Fad diets appeal to those who are desperate to shed pounds and fast. The promise of 30 pounds in 6 weeks is exactly what we want to hear, even when we know deep down inside it’s too good to be true. Unfortunately, these trendy diets have serious health implications. Not only will most fad dieters gain the weight back (and then some), but many will suffer vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, slowed metabolism and hormonal changes.

The best place to begin your journey to better health is not the front cover of the tabloid magazines. To start eating for a healthier lifestyle, recognize your nutritional strengths and confront your personal food issues one by one.

Look Before You Eat

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