Food Addiction: 7 Steps To Recovery

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A husband and wife in their kitchen making smoothiesI am a food addict in recovery. And once an addict…always an addict. Food addiction is a true physiological addiction, just like addictions to alcohol, caffeine or even heroin.

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I am not alone in my addiction. 1/3 of all Americans are obese and another 1/3 are overweight, in most cases because of difficulty controlling food intake – eating too much of the wrong (unhealthful) types of foods. Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is high in processed foods, including saturated fats, sugar, oils, and meats. It is generally low in plant based whole foods, including few fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.

The only way for me to personally deal with my addiction was to make dietary and lifestyle modifications.

I suggest the following to get started regaining control of your life:

Step 1: Avoid eating out, except on occasion. By preparing your own food, you can be certain of the ingredients.

Step 2: Replace the “SAD” with a largely plant based whole food diet, high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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