Chinese Woman Forced to Have Abortion in 7th Month of Pregnancy

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Chinese officials have confirmed that a woman was forced to have an abortion seven months into her second pregnancy, primarily because of the one child law that exists in their country.  The woman’s abortion led to outrage around the world from those who are angry that she would be forced to go through such a procedure.  Images of the child’s bloody body circulated throughout the Internet.

The Shaanxi provincial government says that it’s going to take action after the indicent.  Feng Jianmei told NBC that she was kidnapped from a relative’s home, forced to sign a document she couldn’t read and injected with a substance that pushed out her stillborn child.  The government has confirmed that the case is true and that it is a violation of regulations which ban late-term abortions.  T’he limitations have been in China since 2001.

“This is a serious violation of the National Population and Family Planning Commission’s polices, jeopardizes the population control work and has caused uneasiness in society,” the government said on its website.

The one child policy in China was introduced in 1979 to deal with the country’s growing population.   China now has 1.7 billion people to manage, leading some to wonder how the country is going to feed and provide for so many citizens.   Rural couples are allowed to have two children if the first one is a girl.

Feng’s husband said that the couple was trying to get a birth permit, but that the cost was outrageous.  $6,300 is more than most Chinese citizens earn over a four year period.

“I’m angry and want justice,” Deng told CNN. “They forced her to abort our 7-month-old child — do they deserve to be called Communist Party officials who serve the people?”







  1. gunzNrosez

    June 17, 2012 at 2:32 am

    how pathetic! if they want to limit child per house hold then why don’t they prescribe birth control or give other option like if the parents’ desire to have more than one child then they are own their own in support that additional child.

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