Brian McKnight Is Now Making Songs for the Adult Film Industry – Dang

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When the checks stop coming in, folks start acting crazy.  Brian McKnight is the latest celeb to show his desperation by making songs for the adult film industry and for generic drugs.  Maybe his next big media appearance will be getting locked up for child support or being evicted.  Poor guy.

With no semblance of friends or handlers genuinely concerned with his career, an R&B singer has released another sexually charged song to many people’s dismay. Brian McKnight is making headlines again with an explicit track from his forthcoming “adult” mixtape. As previously reported, McKnight caused an uproar in April with his song “Ready To Learn (P—- Works)” offering hands-on help to ladies with their private parts.



  1. Blaze

    June 3, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Dammmm Brian if you need cheese that bad holla at me I got u!!!

  2. kennycraddock

    June 4, 2012 at 12:46 am

    When will folk understand that sexuality is a part of our ontological being, in essence is is like taking a crap or do-do. In these modern times people find ways to express that part of our being. Do I personally agree with some ways people do express it, absolutely not however that is not me. I went to West Germany in 1972 as a 19yr old and found that the Europeans are less hung up about sexuality and view it as a part of being human, c’mon now if all of us are honest with ourselves we all find ways to express it. My point, stop making such a big deal of a part of our humanness, its really not such a big deal after all. Like church for example, the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand and pretends nobody in the church enjoys sex, well some pastors now have the courage to talk about sex its long overdo. Brian Mcknight is like any other artist, they must sell to stay with record companies, Erykah Badu must sell records, Madonna proved over 30 years ago that controversy positive or negative keeps peoples interest, they must keep people talking bout them to stay current. In their field its really more about rich then reality, finances is the ultimate goal not morality.

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