3 Diets That Fight ADHD

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A smiling father feeding his daughter with a spoonWhat are ADHD diets? Can they help you or your child? Are there foods you should eat—and foods to avoid? Many can stand to benefit from treatment with medication, behavioral therapy or both, but some also report success with dietary interventions.

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Before diet, discuss your plans with your doctor, who can weigh the impact of dietary changes on a current treatment plan.

Can a Diet Help ADHD?

It’s often difficult for someone with ADHD to remain still. Many people with ADHD also do things impulsively—acting before thinking. Other symptoms linked with ADHD include feeling anxious or depressed, having negative thoughts, and having trouble sleeping. ADHD affects children, teens, and adults.

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There is no “cure” for ADHD. However, medication and behavioral therapy are prescribed for many people with ADHD. But what about ADHD diets? Can they help too?

What Is an ADHD diet?

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